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After years spent charting my personal path to wellness, I enjoy partnering with women who are also in search of their own best health, whether that means learning about whole food nutrition for the first time, solving perplexing digestive or blood sugar issues, or getting to the root of uncomfortable inflammatory symptoms.

It is MY greatest joy to address the ROOT CAUSES of your health imbalances for true resolution of symptoms in hopes that it will bring you YOUR greatest joy.

You can choose from dynamic one-on-one personalized consulting or interactive group coaching programs.

One-on-One Coaching

This is for people ready to take responsibility for their
health who want personalized support to make fully customized nutrition and lifestyle changes that will direct their health to the next level.

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One-on-One Coaching
Initial Consultation
This 90 minute session is an opportunity to discuss your unique health situation and goals in depth. Prior to this session, you will be asked to submit a Health History and Symptom Questionnaire along with any relevant lab test results. Together we will discuss your health history, current symptoms, dietary choices and lifestyle factors as well as your personal goals.

I will share with you the interconnectedness I see in your symptoms and where we can investigate further to determine what is underlying your unique challenges so that we may begin to resolve them. I will offer you a couple of steps to get you started on your healing journey, which I will present to you in a detailed e-mail along with a summary of the Initial Consultation. Should you decide to continue our work together, we will schedule regular bi-monthly meetings as explained below.

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Monthly Personalized Nutrition & Wellness Consulting
With regular focused time together, substantial health improvements will be on their way. While some benefits may be experienced right away, others may take more time. For this reason, following the
Initial Consultation, we will find a mutually convenient time to meet every other week, for a minimum of 3 months (6 sessions) and for as long as it suits your needs thereafter. Note that there are no standard
programs that we will follow. Every session is custom tailored to your unique needs. While working on the bigger picture, we also zoom in and focus on the “stuff” of everyday life. A plan is only as good as your ability to implement it day in and day out in your active, busy life – a life that never looks exactly the same as anyone else’s!

In these one-on-one personalized sessions, you can expect to:

  • Be listened to and supported every step of the way
  • Understand the “why” behind how you feel to empower positive change
  • Set realistic goals and be encouraged as you work to attain them
  • Learn which foods are most supportive of your unique body
  • Reduce cravings & digestive discomfort
  • Improve your energy & vitality
  • Feel better!

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Interactive Group Coaching (Restart™)

For those that enjoy a small group experience,
get real results that have you feeling better in short time with regularly scheduled meetings
and the added support of your peers.

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Interactive Group Coaching

Group RESTART Program

A new Restart group program will be starting soon! Class size is limited to the first 10 participants. To be notified of the next Group Restart Program, Sign Up Here.

The 5-week RESTART ®  Program is a simple and effective small group interactive class designed to get REAL RESULTS without any gimmicks. It gives your body a vacation from the daily effort of handling sugar and processed food. With a 3-week sugar detox built right in, the program focuses on how to enjoy REAL FOOD to boost your energy and cut both sugar and carb cravings. Part nutrition education, part sugar detox, and part support group, it is an empowering combination for success. Discover how good you can feel!

Week 1: Preparation

How to prepare for your real food challenge

Get ready! Foods to eat, foods to avoid, self-care tips and more.

Week 2: Digestion

Understand how digestion is intended to work

The REAL food sugar detox begins!

Week 3: Sugar

Learn about the impact of sugar in your body

Week 2 of the sugar detox is underway as you learn how & why to get off of the sugar rollercoaster.

Week 4: Fats

Sort out the myths from the truths about fats

Week 3 of the sugar detox is humming along as you discover about the healthy fats that are essential in your diet.

Week 5: Moving Forward


Time to celebrate your success and learn strategies to continue feeling great after The RESTART® Program.

Benefits Participants of The RESTART® Program Have Experienced:

  • Increased Energy
  • More Restful Sleep
  • Clothes Fit Better
  • Clarity and Focus
  • Boosted Immune Function
  • Improved Mood/Less Anxiety
  • Reduced PMS/Menopause symptoms
  • Reduced Sugar Cravings

​Interested in hosting a class from your home?
Invite 4 to 10 friends/family members and receive a discount.  ​
Contact me for more information about the RESTART program

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